Tuesday, November 13, 2012


we are having another baby girl. she is due April 9 2013. right now im about 19 weeks along, and everything is going so well. i am feeling great, i am starting to have more energy during the day, and i couldnt ask for a better pregnancy. i sure am lucky to have such great pregnancys, it is such a blessing. She is starting to kick a lot and move around. i notice it the most when im laying in bed at night or laying on the couch, she is definitely going to be our little soccer player!  I cant believe how fast time has gone by since grace was born. its been 4 years but feels like 1.  i still wonder how i got 3 girls, and i am so excited for another.  Grace tells me every day that she knew we were having a girl.  having two kids keeps me busy and i am constantly running from one kid to the other trying to make them both happy. i know that having 3 kids is going to be A LOT more busy and i will get even less time to myself, but  i hope i can do things right with 2 small children and a new born in 4 or 5 months, but once baby is here, i  will just let things run its course and  go along with it. it makes me sad that my two girls are growing up so fast already. Grace is getting really good at her numbers and letters and she is learning how to share her things with Summer, even though it hasnt been easy for her. she has been such a good example to Summer about growing up. Summer is only 2 but she is learning by the minute every day. she watches grace and is stuck to her like glue. she wants to do exactly what grace does. when i give the girls different things to eat for breakfast or lunch, she wont eat her food because she wants what grace has.  she can already count to 5 on her own which i think is amazing for a 2 year old to do. she is lucky to have a good example to follow and a big sister to learn from. being a mom is the most rewarding job, but it is also has its challenges. those challenges i am grateful i have. heres to hoping for a healthy full term baby at the end!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

family reunion

last month it was the rohm family reunion in BEAUTIFUL San Diego. it was supposed to be for my brother in laws wedding, the wedding got called off, so it just turned into one big reunion/celebration for my inlaws 40th anniversary.  everyone had already booked their hotel rooms and flights which were non refundable, so we just turned it into one big party. we did so much fun stuff. we spent the first few days in San Diego doing the beach and relaxing, shopping, toured the historic mormon batallion center and did some family pictures. then we headed to disneyland and did two days there. we stayed at the disneyland resort hotel which was right on the park, such a fun hotel. spent one whole day at california adventure,and the second day all day at disneyland. it was fun for Grace and Summer to get to see their cousins they only see once every couple years. it was so good to see everyone, even though we were missing 2 or 3 family members.

Friday, April 20, 2012


we spend a lot of time at the pool lately. we love having a pool next door!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Back

Wow, I apologize for my lack of blogging lately. for some weird reason my blog hasnt been publishing my posts or when it does, it deletes the whole thing. so im going to try at this again and start new. i wish i always had something big to post about, but i don't, sadly. but on the positive, things in the Rohm family are going well! we are still loving our new home. its a starter home, so nothing big, but we are loving it none the less! Living in CA is great for the most part. we have a great job that ty is doing really well at. he has been there for just over a year now with PCL industrial services being a project engineer. since he has started he has been given 2 raises. counting our blessings with that! and he is starting to go to all the project manager meetings now, which means he will be made into a project manager soon. SO GREAT! im a proud wifey. yeah. as for me, im busy being a stay at home mom to my two lovely children. we recently added another member to the Rohm family. her name is misty and she is a cute crazy pug. i always wanted a dog in our own family and i never really seriously considered a pug untill ty suggested getting one. i found her on craigslist and couldnt resist. she is super hyper but she keeps us entertained. my girls love her and she is a great addition to our family.